Villa Maria and Villa Anastasia

    In the reserve territory of Massandra settlement 7 kilometers from Yalta in a pinery 2 guest houses “Villa Maria” and “Villa Anastasia” are cozily placed. 

    Sun abundance, variety of landscapes and microclimate impart unrepeatable and utterly pleasant traits to a faraway fuss recreation escape. 

    Immediate reserve proximity make the air saturated with scents of conifer and mountain motley grass that make delicate and compound bouquet astonishing the fanciers and connoisseurs by it's savagery. 

    Massandra is famous by it's beautiful mountain landscapes. Having visited Massandra and enjoyed vacation here to his heart content Swiss traveler Dubois de Monperee wrote that there's no other mountain landscape in Crimea to compete the Massandra views in it's beauty. 

    One of the most popular places in Massandra is the palace – the residence of Tsar Alexander III. The palace is in the park the total area of which is 6 hectares. Their composition make a unique architectural ensemble.

    Palace was used as a state cottage house for a long time and in 1990 it was passed to museum union “Palaces and parks of South Coast of Crimea”. 

    Substantial attraction of Massandra is the Massandra park – the memorial of landscape architecture. It was installed in the first half of XIX and occupy almost 42 hectares. 

    Here over 250 kinds of trees and bushes may be counted and amongst the most beautiful representatives of Crimean flora exotic plants of other territories grow.

    Massandra, Sosnyak,